KMCP, which was founded in 1980 is characterised by methodologies, which include, among others, reflection-action-reflection, applied according to the various contexts in which it is present. It contributes towards the integral human development and to spiritual and social wellbeing of our society.


Kenya Movement of Catholic Professionals (KMCP) is a Catholic organization composed of Catholic Professionals in Kenya. KMCP is a member of the Commission for Pastoral & Lay Apostolate  under the auspices of the Kenya Episcopal Conference. KMCP was started in 1980 and it was until 2008 that a national secretariat was established under the management of a part time coordinator, two year elected National Executive Team and a National Chaplain. KMCP is also the National Federation of Pax Romana — International Catholic Movement for Intellectual and Cultural Affairs (Pax Romana-ICMICA) in Kenya.

Pax Romana- ICMICA is an international Association of Catholic professionals and intellectuals united for a peaceful, equitable and sustainable world. Pax Romana ICMICA is recognized by the Holy See and is active in international civil society networks such as the Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations. It has a consultative relationship with the United Nations. In Kenya, KMCP is the official representative of Pax Romana-ICMICA at the UNEP/UN Habitat.

KMCP is currently present and has contacts in the following Dioceses: Nairobi, Ngong, Bungoma, Nakuru, Kakamega and Mombasa. For the last four years, KMCP has undertaken a number of activities. These include:

        • Spiritual formation of members
        • Mobilizing Catholic Professionals, to participation in the current democratic reforms in Kenya
        • Promoting and popularizing Catholic Social Teachings among Catholic Professionals in Kenya
        • Facilitating the growth of student Christian movements (I.M.C.S and Y.S.C)
        • Facilitating school to work transition of Young Professionals (recent graduates) 
        • Establishing the presence of KMCP in Kenya's Dioceses
        • Promoting Millennium Development Goals
        • Establishing an Africa wide Secretariat for Pax Romana Africa region.
        • Providing mentorship to young ICMICA movement in Africa.